Creating unique clothing that
makes you feel fabulous

I'm Des Whitehorn an experienced dressmaker and women's tailor based in High Hurstwood, East Sussex, who loves to create unique clothing for myself and for you.  I have been sewing since my teens and have created most items of clothing. From paper patterns, by redrafting patterns, by copying original garments and by adding style features to existing designs.

My passion is creating unique tailored suits for women closely followed by glorious 'posh frocks', all with close attention to detail.  But I also have a passion for coats, skirts and dresses for all shapes and sizes - in fact, anything you too have a passion for!

I'm a real completer-finisher so I often spend time hand stitching. For example, fell stitching linings to zips, or at the hems of jackets and sleeves. I prefer to hand stitch skirt and dress hems simply because they look so much better than by machine.

And when it comes to the little details - possibly ones that nobody other than the wearer will ever see - they are important to me.  For example, adding lingerie loops to evening gowns, or binding in the seam between a jacket lining and the facing, or taking the extra time to match fabric patterns and create piping on skirts, necklines and waistbands.   And pockets - well - they simply have to be added to skirts and dresses if at all possible.  Wherever would we be without pockets?

These are some of the things I like to do when creating special garments.  For more projects as they happen, take a look at the gallery.  I'll be updating them, and adding more galleries, regularly!

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